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  swirly So Industrious  

I'm working on something. Here's sort of what it is.
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  swirly Big Gestures  
Originally uploaded by mattymatt.
Birthday dinner Thursday night for Daniel/Trecko/Sebenhuh; good times had by all. The waitress was surly and aloof, but explained that she was "emo."
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  swirly It Burns  

I got this Archipelago Candle a few weeks ago as a gift, and I think it's killing us. The packaging is all ooh ooh botanical, ooh ooh zen, oooooh meditation. But as far as I can make out, the only scent the damn thing's imbued with is that of soot. It's been emitting black smoke, and James has started coughing incessantly when it's lit. And today, I was burning it for heat in my office, which is a 3-foot by 3-foot room (yes I know there are a number of strange details in this sentence) and I nearly suffocated from the ashy smell.
I can't NOT burn it, though; it's a fire-thing, and I love watching flames. I hope it doesn't do me in.

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  swirly Pins, Needles, Etc.  

I interviewed for a job last week, on Thursday, that I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to get.
They said "you should hear from us next week." So far it's been a week and a day. Still no word.
I'm going nuts waiting.

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  swirly WTF Muni?  

Today I noticed that Muni's website -- which we've always known was particuarly awful -- does something weird with the logos on their pages. If you right-click them to download or view a logo in a new tab (for example, Muni's CSS, and found that the background image for the table -- the logo -- is stored elsewhere.
Now, why would they do this? The clerk of the SF County Transit Authority once told me that they put their whole website into PDF format because it made it harder for people to modify the content. I can't imagine that modifying transit documents or logos is such a huge problem for these agencies that they need to obscure their content ... but really, that's the only reason I can think of.

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  swirly He's Even Named Like a Dude in a Romance Novel  

OMFG have you seen Gabriel Slate, one of the new reporters for KRON? Because KRON's new reporters do all their own camerawork, they usually only appear in voiceover. But I just saw him during a story on bedbugs (ick) and holy crap! He's totally out-Palumboing Ross Palumbo.

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  swirly Further Adventures in Unemployment  

I got called by some teleresearch company, doing polls on radio listening habits. After asking if I was familiar with a long list of radio stations (the only one I'd ever heard of was KOIT, and that's only because their ads bug me so much), he asked a few demographic questions -- how old am I, what's my zip code, am I white -- and then came a strange one:
"What social issue concerns you the most?"
That caught me off-guard. I reached for something that would cover all my bases, and came up with, "general issues of privacy and freedom."
The next question was even stranger:
Uhhhhhhhhh ... well, gee ... ummmmm. Eventually I settled on, "because I don't want to be prevented from exercising my own autonomy." Well that certainly was high-falutin'. Who the hell do I think I am? After I said it, I expected the guy to ask how "autonomy" is spelled...but no: "How do you spell 'exercise?'"

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  swirly My Exciting Life of Leisure  

My last day of work was December 17.
I applied for unemployment insurance on the 18th. I was told that I wouldn't be elligible until I had a phone interview. The earliest I could have the interview was January 4th,
I had a phone interview on January 4th. I was told they would make a decision in 10 days, and notify me by mail.
So far, I've gotten nothing in the mail. I've been trying to budget the next few weeks' worth of finances, and it would be helpful to know if I'd been approved, so I've been trying to call the UI office to find out if they'd made a decision yet.
All day yesterday I called, and got busy signals.
All day today I called, and got busy signals. Until just now. They asked what my question was, and I told them. They asked for my social security number. I told them. They asked what my question was again. I told them again.
It turns out that they were waiting for me to fill out and return a UI claim form ... which, it turns out, they never sent me. AAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHHH.

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  swirly Still Funny, Again  

I can't stop playing with this thing.

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  swirly Supervillainous  

I just went on a purge over at SFist.com, collecting spam domains and submitting them to the higher-up techs to be added to the blacklist. But in case you'd like to add them to your own blacklist, here is an unpleasantly long list of domains to block. It drives me nuts that so much money goes into reserving these domains and setting them up and sending out bots ... so much money, all for evil purposes.

finalarrowEngage the Expand-o-Tron to read more.

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  swirly Dammit, Janet  

Can you believe, you can't buy the RHPS soundtrack on iTunes? Honestly, it makes me sick. You can, however, buy a cover of "Over at the Frankenstein Place" by Alkaline Trio, and that's at interesting, at least. Even though their deadpanning sort of eliminates what I like about the original, which is the shrillness.

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  swirly Somehow, It's Become Existential  

This Garfield Randomizer shows three arbitrary blocks of a Garfield strip. For the first time since I was 7, I am laughing at Garfield again.
Garfield Versus Toaster
It wasn't an accident.

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  swirly Pwnd  

Google video has some awesome new features, including a "Download to iPod" button and a code-generator that lets you embed any video on a webpage. Voila:
I'm not sure I totally believe this video 100% -- it's a little too convenient -- but it's still awesome.

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  swirly Lump in my Throat  

For the last few days, James and I have had mysterious sore throats. We're not sick, and it's not seasonal allergies, it's just a lumpy hurts-to-swallow feeling. I'm going nuts trying to track down the cause.
- I thought it might be dust kicked up by my sewing. I've been compulsively vacuuming everything -- furniture included -- and I'm washing every scrap of fabric that enters the house. No improvement.
- I'm in the process of laundering all our blankets, quilts, sheets, and pillowcases. I don't know how to wash a pillow but I think I'm going to have to figure it out.
- I wiped down all the windows, to eliminate as much mildew as possible.
- I took out the trash (I threw out some tissues with WD-40 on them a few days ago; maybe they're emitting fumes).
- No more burning of candles.
- I yelled at the Italians next door to try to do something about the garlic smell. Ha ha ha, just kidding! I don't speak Italian.
Any other suggestions? I feel like some kind of EPA testing ground.

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  swirly On Bed  
on bed
Originally uploaded by mattymatt.
It still lacks a back, an inside, and edges, but that's how it'll look once it's where it belongs.
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Odds & Ends.

Quicktime movie of the Genesis probe crashing into the Utah desert in 2004, after its chutes failed to deploy.

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There's lots of useful self-defense demonstrations on Google Video.

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Great article on Paul Cadmus, a WPA artist who got the Navy upset when he painted startlingly sexual scenes of sailors. Yum.

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Wed Jan 11 / 02:34 PM:

It's the front end of a lightsaber!

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Sat Dec 17 / 06:08 PM:
I Can Fly

Here's a froodier version of the balcony I was working on. It's animated!

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Thu Dec 15 / 07:35 PM:
Balcony Scene

I'm creating a castle-type thingy, originally to practice modelling but it's turned into an experiment in texturing.

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