American Pies with and without fruit

In the US, every supermarket can buy chilled, frosted or ready-baked pie shells. Unfortunately, we have to do without this comfort in this country – that's why you will find in this section not only toppings but also basic dough recipes.

Fruit pies are a typical dessert and are served in the form – ideally a beautiful ceramic pie plate. The dough cover tastes rather neutral and is crispy, the filling still very slightly liquid – so much to the difference to a German "covered fruit cake".

 Depending on the season, rhubarb, sour cherries, berries, blueberries (an expensive pleasure, but incredibly tasty!) and later apples, pears, and pumpkin will be baked as pie filling. The binding is provided by starch, but sometimes also flour or tapioca (pearl sago).

For very juicy fruits, no complete second dough lid is placed on top, instead of a dough grid (instructions here) through which the steam can escape better.

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