Barbecue Chicken Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut Copycat)

A fast-food recipe with at least ten hours of preparation time? Someone has to imitate me but most of it is waiting time. Namely, that the yeast dough goes up so nicely despite the relatively small amount of yeast. Apart from waiting, the preparation really does little trouble and with a few tricks, which I tell you below, the pan pizza succeeds exactly as you know it from the restaurant Pizza Hut: thick, fluffy, with a super-crisp edge.

Barbecue Chicken Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut Copycat)

My topping of choice this time was spicy pulled chicken with BBQ sauce, but of course, you can also use tomato sauce, salami, peppers, mushrooms etc. The recipe quantity yields 4 small or 2 large pizzas (24 – 26 cm diameter) - so all of them are different. The only thing that matters is that you use really heavy cast pans, Dutch oven lids or dark metal baking pans – only in this way does the pizza floor become really crispy-fluffy.

This US-style pizza is my contribution to the September event of All You Need Is... where – quite autumnally – this time it is about pizza, onion and flame cake. Take a look at the bottom of the list, what the other pleasure bloggers have baked! I'm just saying: delicious!


For the dough:
400 g flour
3 g dry yeast
10 g salt
250 ml of water
2 tbsp olive oil
Flour for processing
Oil for the moulds
For the flooring:
1 tbsp oil
2 chicken breast fillets
Salt, pepper, chilli powder
150 - 200 ml BBQ sauce (your favourite variety)
1 onion, red, large, in rings
100 - 150 g mozzarella, grated


  1. Mix all the dough ingredients with a large wooden spoon until a smooth dough is made. In a large, lockable bowl (dough is still very high) keep cool for at least eight hours (best basement, storage room - if refrigerator, later takes longer walking time into account).
  2. Two hours before baking, divide the dough into two or four portions on a floured work surface. Whisk together with floured fingers at the top until a ball emerges, then turn around (unsightly side down) and shape round.
  3. Spread out baking tins with one tbsp of oil each (large two), put the dough in and press in with your fingers, forming a light edge. Cover with foil and let go for another hour at room temperature.
  4. Heat the oil for the topping, season the meat and fry from both sides. Then reduce the heat, put on the lid and fry for a good 10 minutes, turning once. Cut the meat with two forks and mix the barbecue sauce.
  5. Preheat the oven to 290 degrees above/under heat - or to 250 if your oven stops Push one rust to the second level from below. Spread the chicken on the pizzas, sprinkle with onion rings and cheese.
  6. Place the moulds on the grate and bake for 12 to 15 minutes (depending on the size). Carefully lift the floor with the knife and check it: If it is not yet brown, place moulds on the bottom of the oven for one to two minutes and continue to cook.
  7. Serve hot and garnish with basil leaves and parmesan.


As a BBQ sauce, I recommend you, by the way, the with honey and bourbon, delicious stuff!

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