How to Troubleshoot Google AdSense Ad Restrictions

How to Troubleshoot Google AdSense Ad Restrictions - There are more and more blogger users associated with Google AdSense, this is Google's increasingly tightening the rules for bloggers who use Google AdSense ads.

One of the problems experienced by many bloggers is the problem of limiting Google AdSense ads. This is very annoying for you beginner bloggers.

On this occasion I would like to share tips with you to solve this problem, the method is quite easy when Google AdSense you experience problems such as invalid traffic. You must understand that the biggest problem of a blogger is traffic because blog traffic is a source of Google AdSense revenue.

In general, this traffic problem is generated from traffic on social media such as Facebook and other social media. If you experience this problem immediately stop and start fixing it. Here is how to get around Google AdSense ad restrictions.

  • You must remove all ad unit code posted on the blog.
  • Make quality articles every day, articles that are made are articles that can benefit many people.
  • After removing all ad unit code, you have to wait a few days and monitor all activity on the blog and generate organic traffic coming from Google search.
  •  After the notification of advertising restrictions on your Google AdSense account disappears, you can start posting ads again.

That's the best way to solve the ad restriction problem on Google AdSense, usually, this problem can be resolved for the next 30 days. Again the invalid traffic problem is caused by sharing too many URL links on social media.

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